SEDEX Compliant!


Where we are:
In July 2021, our second audit was finalized and in November we received a confirmation that Natura Aromatik is fully compliant with SMETA standards. The results are now available for review for those customers that are interested to support us in our continued journey to improve on our sustainability KPIs. 

What it is;

SEDEX is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organization and selected by Natura Aromatik to independently assess our performance with respect to sustainable and ethical operation of our business, with respect to our employees, our customers, suppliers and the communities we operate in. 

Why it matters;

The reliability of our sustainability claims can be verified through our ability to identify and trace the history, distribution, location and application of our raw materials and finished products. This transparency and traceability extends to areas such as human rights, labour (including health and safety), environment and anti-corruption. 

Where we want to be
Natura Aromatik strives to becoming a sustainability leader as Indonesian producer of natural ingredients for the Flavor and Fragrances (F&F) Industry, by offering high quality natural aroma chemicals, essential oils and extracts in sustainable, ethical and transparent manner. 

The journey toward sustainability leadership requires a multi-pronged ESG approach that is now bearing fruits in 2021. We are looking forward to leveraging our current position in sustainability, ethical business practices and traceability and collaborate with our customers and suppliers to transform the Supply Chain for the F&F Industry in Indonesia. 

Onward and Upward !

Please do reach out to us for our SEDEX membership number to access our SEDEX Membership Portal.

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