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Rahmad, Sales & Marketing Manager

Hi, I am Natura's Manager for Sales and Marketing, and you may get in touch with me with your questions and enquiries about products, prices and market developments. It is my pleasure to assist (potential) customers from around the globe

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Zulfiana, Sales Support

My main focus is to help you as our customer with any shipping related arrangements for your order. Timely and reliable response to your shipping and document requirements is my motto and I will use my many contacts with Indonesian forwarders to negotiate the best price to get your goods to the requested port of destination in the most cost-efficient way..

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Dita, Purchasing

Hello, I have made my passion a job. My main responsibility is to search for, tender out, select and order goods and services for the production of our aroma chemicals and essential oil products. You may contact me to offer your raw materials, consumables and services, wherever you are in the world.

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Yulia, Purchasing

Hello, I'm Yulia and responsible for procurement. Together with our team, we are sourcing raw materials with suppliers across Indonesia. We maintain partnerships with our suppliers, distillers and farmers to get the best price possible at any given time to support our production and operations. Partner with us and feel free to contact me.

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David, Accounting

Hi, I am responsible for financial and taxation matters. Should you have any concerns and questions about billing, payment and tax documentation i.e withholding slip, tax invoice, etc please feel free to contact me. I am happy to assist you. Together we are doing well by doing good.

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Cicilia, Regulatory

For me, it's all about regulatory requirements for our products. Should you have any questions about certifications, regulatory requirements or questionnaires please do get in touch with me. Ensuring that we meet your regulatory compliance requirements and quality standards is important to me and my colleagues. We will assist you in any way we can!

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