Clove Bud Oil E802

Source; Syzigium aromaticum (Myrtaceae)
Quality; Eugenol content min. 80% (grade C)
Color : Pale yellow to Yellow
Location : Java, Indonesia
Character : More spicy, Sweet-clove, Fruity
Application : Food Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Consumer goods as fragrance compound & Tobacco

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    Terms and Conditions
    Natural Sources
    CAS 8000-34-8
    EINECS 284-638-7
    FEMA 2323
    Organoleptic Sweet-clove, more spicy, Less Fruity
    Certification Halal, Kosher, ISO 9001:2015, REACH, Sedex, Eco Vadis, FDA, Duns
    Packaging Type Metal Drum 200Kg, IBC 1000Kg, Jerrycan 25Kg
    Descriptions Clove Bud Oil obtained by distillation of Clove Bud or part of Clove Fruit, with color Pale Yellow to Brownish Yellow